Finding the right mailing list

In this post I'm going to show you, how to subscribe to a mailing list:

But before we start, you should have in your mind that you need an university account before you can subscribe to a mailing list.

Visit the website

Now you should see some buttons at the upper right corner. Login to your account. After your login, there should be some new buttons, for example the new and now important 'Search for List(s)' - Button.

Now after a click, there should be a search - field. 'kph' and 'mami' are search words that are now important to us. You should definitely type and search 'kph', so that you can check if you are subscribed to the important mailing list. You will have to change it, if you're not subscribed.

The search should give you a number of results on screen. A new window will appear, if you click on one of the results.

On the left is a little box, with different buttons. Click the 'Subscribe' - Button and confirm the subscripton. After a while, you should get an E-Mail with the confirmation of the subscription.

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