Author: Egor Androsov

Replacement WLAN- and VPN-certificates

On Tuesday, 09.07.2019 at 6pm, the certificates of the WLAN connections "Uni-Mainz" and "eduroam", as well as of the unversity VPN server of the unversity will be renewed. Depending on the operating system, the certificate will be automatically accepted or must be manually accepted due to a request. Either the name oder the fingerprint will be shown.

The correct certificate contains (again depending on the operating system and may be shown partially) the follow information:

CN =
O = Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet Mainz
L = Mainz
S = Rheinland-Pfalz
C = DE

Fingerprint: e7 78 56 db b8 2c 23 cf f1 26 94 48 42 f4 cd 54 b3 5b 6b 7d

Trainees in the IT Group

In august 2017, two new trainees joined the IT group:

Christian Almeida Sousa and
Egor Androsov.

The new trainees will fulfill their company-based training at the Institute for Nuclear Physics in the coming three years. Of course they┬┤re not alone. The trainees

Reinhard Kreim,
Paul Monnard, and
Pascal Tislauk,

who have already collected an experience of two years, will be happy to help with your IT problems. The three will have their final examinations in spring of 2018.

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