A CalDAV server has been set up to facilitate room reservation. All KPH members have read access, write access must be approved by Michael Distler or Harald Merkel AFTER FIRST READ ACCESS. Each approved user has full access, can delete in the malicious case also reservations of others (the log file will betray the user however).

Please always note your name in the comment field of new entries for queries.

Only the rooms, administered by us, can be reserved here:

  • Seminar room 2
  • meeting room
  • Seminar room in the new building (red salon)


Setup under Linux (Thunderbird):

Menu -> Extras(or tools) -> Add-ons
Search and install Lightning
Menu -> File -> New -> Calendar (or file->new->calendar)
- on the network
- caldav
Name: Seminar room 2

The same again if necessary for

You have to be careful when entering the location, because Thunderbird does not allow later changes. Sometimes a restart is necessary.


Set up under iOS:

-> Settings
-> Accounts & Passwords ("Mail, Contacts, Calendar" up to and including iOS 9.3.5)
-> Add account
-> Other
-> Add CalDAV account
User: (here the normal kph user name)
Password: (and enter the corresponding password)
Description: Rooms

Then select the rooms in the calendar under "Calendar"


Set up under MAC-OS:

Calendar -> Settings -> Accounts
Add account
Account type CalDAV
User: (here the normal kph user name)
Password: (and enter the corresponding password)
Server address:


El Capitan:

Calendar -> Settings -> Accounts
Add account (with '+' and then 'other Caldav account')
Account type automatic
User: <login> <-- Important: normal kph username @ wwwa1
Password: (and enter the corresponding password)

Click on "Delegation" and then "Seminar Rooms".


Set up under Windows:

Unfortunately Thunderbird is needed for this. If you are using the ZDV server, you can select Thunderbird from the ZDV apps, otherwise you can download the program from, then continue as shown in "Setup under Linux (Thunderbird).
For MS-Outlook there is currently no reasonable solution known, if someone finds something, please let me know.

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