Comparison of different BBB conference types

The different possible BigBlueButton conference types cause different network and CPU loads. However, this affects not only the BBB server, but also the participants who use very different Internet providers and who have to share the connections with family members and neighbors. Remember that the whole of Germany is in the "home office" during the Corona crisis. Continue reading "Comparison of different BBB conference types"

Information for users of the KPH BigBlueButton server

Word is getting around about the existence of the KPH BigBlueButton Server, which is why we will restrict free access from now on:

  • Participants in a web conference do not need their own account. It is sufficient to send the participants the event link and possibly the room access code with the invitation to a meeting.
  • Before you register on the KPH BigBlueButton server, please send an email to - we can no longer accept unannounced registrations.
  • The KPH BigBlueButton Server is primarily reserved for KPH lecturers and group leaders. As far as the capacity of the server allows, meetings and events of the FB08 can also be scheduled.

All users of the KPH BigBlueButton server are asked to write a short email (with time and estimated number of participants) to if they are planning a video conference with ≥4 participants or an audio conference with ≥20 participants . We would then like to monitor the server load. We are currently still assuming that the server can serve around 600 participants, distributed across the simultaneously active virtual rooms.

Call phone numbers with Skype for Business Mobile

Using the app

To make calls to a phone number from the Skype for Business App, all you have to do is click on the dialpad icon in the upper right corner.

Then you can dial the number.

ATTENTION: There must be a 0 in front of the desired number, otherwise the call will not be forwarded.

This guide works for both IPhone and Android devices.

You can find more information on the ZDV website (German).

Support end for Windows 7

Microsoft has announced that the support for Windows 7 will cease on January 14, 2020, which means that there will be no normal or security-related updates after that date.

We therefore recommend an upgrade to Windows 10, which we provide free of charge. If you wish, we can help you with the installation and, if necessary, take over for you.

If you still have concerns about the upgrade, you can visit us or contact us. We will be happy to advise you further.