Status: Maintenance

Maintenance 08.02.2021


  • ldap-master (Nameserver, DHCP-Server, LDAP-Server) (16:11)
  • a1gate (16:23)
  • a2gate (16:24)
  • mamigate (16:25)
  • mesagate (16:34)
  • tbegate (16:35)
  • apple-backup (16:50)
  • a4online (17:09)
  • a2-100tb (17:11)
  • magixgate (17:12)
  • vwgate (17:16)
  • gate6 (SSH-Gateway) (17:37)
  • bbb (BigBlueButton) (17:43)
  • epyc1 (Webserver) (18:10)


  • time
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Internet and network access within the institute

It is mandatory that all computers and other devices that are to be connected to the Internet via network socket must be configurable via DHCP. Internet and network access is provided exclusively by the IT department and ZDV. In particular, the MAC addresses of devices that are to be newly connected via a network socket must have been registered beforehand. Here, the IT takes care of the configuration and registration.

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Information on using our ticket system

Due to the current situation, most of our IT group is located in the home office. If you have a request or a question, please use our ticket system. We ask you not to recycle an old ticket, because this way the ticket is not recognized as a new but as an old ticket and will appear at the bottom of our system and might be overlooked. You can also leave out the "thank you" mail after we solved the problem, because this will open the ticket again and we have to close it a second time.