Setting up shared mailboxes in Thunderbird

Shared mailboxes allow groups to use a common mailbox. In this article you will learn how to add such a mailbox to Thunderbird.

An overview of all assigned shared mailboxes can be found in the user account management.

To add an account to Thunderbird, click on File > New > Existing Email Account....
If File is not visible, you may need to press the alt key first.

Fill in the form and click Configure manually.


Fill in the following data:

Incoming server

Protocol: IMAP
Port: 993
Connection security: SSL/TLS
Authentication method: Normal password


Outgoing server

Port: 587
Connection security: STARTTLS
Authentication method: Autodetect

Note: Username could be ...mbx-kph-kph-...

Check your inputs by clicking Re-Test. If successful you can press Done to finish the setup.


Do not set up the shared email address directly as an IMAP account. Here you end up with an inbox of ALL mailboxes to which you have access.