To apply for a guest account, the responsible group leader should submit the required guest information to KPH IT via ticket in a timely manner:

  • Name, first name, title
  • Date of birth
  • Email address Note: use home institution mail, NOT Gmail, etc.
  • Duration of the stay or joint project

The responsible group leader is jointly responsible for ensuring that the guidelines of the ZDV (Instructions for Decentralized Account Administrators) in particular are adhered to.

Please feel free to use our pre-formatted >>> template <<< for the data transfer.


Guests will be notified via email in a timely manner prior to account expiration. If renewal is required, please follow the instructions in the notification email. Extension requests for guest accounts are regularly approved by KPH IT, provided that an extension is in the interest of Mainz University (explanation), the responsible group leader is set in CC and the email is sent from the guest account.