Internet and network access within the institute

It is mandatory that all computers and other devices that are to be connected to the Internet via network socket must be configurable via DHCP. Internet and network access is provided exclusively by the IT department and ZDV. In particular, the MAC addresses of devices that are to be newly connected via a network socket must have been registered beforehand. Here, the IT takes care of the configuration and registration.

Please note that the user regulations from JGU apply to the operation of a device in the network.


Guests can use the Eduroam WLAN on the entire campus. Further network access can be made available to guests via a measurement network. The contact person for this is the corresponding collaboration/working group.

In justified individual cases, guests can also be provided with a temporary Uni-Mainz account by the IT group.

Students and staff

Responsibilities of the users

Users of the network access are responsible for ensuring that network services offered by their device are configured in such a way that disruption of the institute network is ruled out. If in doubt, the services should be deactivated. Particularly problematic are name servers, DHCP servers, print servers, WLAN access points, and similar services. Exceptions are only possible with explicit permission and in coordination with the IT department.

Device registration

Register your device using our form.

Network socket

Should the IT security situation deteriorate, the university plans to further restrict access to the network. Computers could then only be operated at certain network sockets. It therefore makes sense to specify the network socket used when registering the device. The use of a currently unconnected network socket must be applied for in any case. To be able to set up a network socket, we need the following information:

  • First and last name
  • University email address
  • Phone number
  • Building name
  • Floor and room number
  • Box designation ( e.g. 0032 < 0 312.6 )
    • In the case of double sockets, please make sure that each connection has its own designation. If not, please designate the port used as L (left) or R (right).