BBB Video recording and playback

Information on the timeline and the handling of video recordings in the BBB.

Why is my recording not visible?

This is because the conversion takes place on the BBB server itself - but only with low priority so as not to endanger parallel running events. As a rule of thumb the conversion therefore takes about as long as the recording itself. In any case, the meeting must be explicitly terminated - otherwise the conversion will not start at all.

How can I publish the recording?

Once the recording has been converted, you can find it by clicking on the corresponding room on the BBB homepage. You now have two options: You can send this long link (right click on the blue presentation button and then copy the link) to your students or you can "publish" the link, then all participants will see the recording listed exactly as you do when they enter the start page of the room.

How do I download a recorded session?

When you want to download a recorded session, most people expect a single link to download the video file.

In contrast, BigBlueButton does not create a video file for playback. Video files for a three-hour lecture can become quite large. Instead, BigBlueButton creates an HTML5 page that references PNG images and audio, and indexes the PNG images against the audio in time to match their appearance in the session. The result is that the source rendition files are very small and can be hosted on any web server. The disadvantage is that the browser pauses to download the entire content. However, after downloading, the web server is no longer burdened.

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