Create ssh-tunnel to kph infrastructure

Manual on how to create a ssh-tunnel to kph infrastructure.

For this you will need an KPH-Account and access via SSH has to be activated by us.

If you already have an KPH-Account, write an E-Mail with your KPH username to and ask to be enabled for SSH. Please attach your public SSH-key to the E-Mail.

After we enabled your account, you can create a ssh-tunnel with Linux (batch, etc.) or Windows 10 (cmd, etc.) as follows:

ssh -N -L <local-port>:<kph-pcname>:<kph-port>

  • <kph-pcname>  = Name of your computer in the institute. e.g.
  • <kph-port> =  Port number of your computer within the KPH. e.g. RDP 3389
  • <local-port> = any port number > 1000. You access this locally. e.g. 12345

Now you can establish a connection on your local computer to the KPH computer using the <local-port>. e.g. by putting localhost:12345 as RDP-Client destination.

Simply terminate the tunnel at the end of the session.

Older versions of windows:

Please use putty version >=0.75.

Alternatively for older versions of windows your can use the program PuTTY. Please follow the instructions for Generating a SSH key with PuTTY.

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